At PH Hair we are very fussy about the products we use within the salon. All of the stylist get involved in trying out new products before they hit the salon floor. As a independent salon we are not obligated to use products from the same range, this means that we shop around to make sure that the products we do use in the salon are right for the stylist to give the client the style, hold and body their hair requires.

Even though all the products we use in salon are fabulous and do a great job on the hair, we all still have our little favourites!! Our stylist have made a note about their favourite products so that you can see from our point of view what we really think….


Fast Fix Style Prep

I love using this product as its light on the hair but give the hair the protection it needs from blowing. It also puts the right amount of moisture back into the hair which can help detangle the hair after shampooing.
Heather £12.95


TIGI Catwalk The Haute Iron Spray

This is one of my favourite products to use as it gives the hair a really sleek finish and a glossy shine when styling the hair.  It also gives it extra protection from straightners and curling tongues, plus it smells delicious!!
Heather £14.95


TIGI Catwalk Thickening Gel Crème

This product I probably use the most as it thickens the hair and gives it volume when blow-drying which is what a lot of my customers want. It is also a heat protector so it saves using other products which can way down the hair. And you only need a little bit with this product so it lasts and lasts.
Heather £12.95


TIGI Catwalk Root boost

A must buy if you have fine hair as this product works wonders on it. Styling is easy and effective it gives wonderful volume that lasts all day.
Jenny £14.95


TIGI Catwalk Curls Rock

This product is brilliant for curly hair. It’s the only product I have found that controls the hair, without weighing it down and feeling sticky, also giving it bounce and controllability. This product is a brilliant blow dry lotion to add lift when needed.
Jenny £15.95


TIGI Catwalk Session Series Dry Shampoo

A great product to refresh your hair and perfect for when your going away. This product will create texture and volume with a matte light weight finish.
Jenny £14.95


Silhouette Hairspray Black

I have used this hairspray for over 20 years, it’s fantastic. It always brushes out of the hair which is great and if you really want a  firm hold layer it up until you get the desired hold.
Paulette – Small size £5 large size £8



Lovely product it smoothes and conditions adding shine whilst being weightless. Suitable for all hair types. Once you have used this oil you would never use another.
Gayle £28


TIGI Bed head matte separation

Fab on short medium length hair for texture and lift apply on dry hair.
Gayle £12.50


American Crew Forming Cream

Great to give texture, shine and separation on short hair.
Gayle £12.50


TIGI Catwalk Honey and Oatmeal Shampoo, Conditioner and Hair Mask Treatment

I love using these products as they really put the moisture back into the hair, so if the hair is feeling dry and damaged it leaves it feeling soft and more manageable. If the hair is extremely dry and needs abit more TLC then I use the MasK Treatment to add extra moisture to the hair which leaves it in better condtion. And all these products smell delisious!!!


TIGI Catwalk Your Highness Shampoo and Conditioner

I use these Shampoo and Condtioners on flat limp hair as it enhances volume when blowdrying but also leaves the hair feeling soft and contioned. So if you like that extra bit of volume ladies these products are defiantly for you.


TIGI Catwalk Fashionista Violet Shampoo and Conditioner

These Shampoo and Conditioners are fabulous on grey hair. It cleans up any warmth your hair has and gives it a fresher sharper look without the use of colour. I also use these products on ladies who have had their hair lightened and the colour is slightly too warm, leave this shampoo and conditioner on for a few minutes and your blonde looks cleaner and brighter.

We also use WELLA Enrich Shampoo and Conditioner at the backwash as they really cleanse the hair, adding enough moisture to leave your hair feeling clean and soft, but not weighed down.

The WELLA Colour Protect Shampoo and Conditioner also compliment the colours we use within the salon so when washed, protects the colour as it doesn’t fade. And if the hair needs is feeling slightly dry after colouring then I will pop on a Colour Protect Treatment to help add the extra bit of moisture it needs. Kerry