Hair Colour


Consultation is the key aspect to any hair colour. That’s why it is so important to have a thorough consultation with your stylist. The consultation is the best time to get your thoughts across to your stylist and for your stylist to discuss the factors that make a difference from your colour being a nice colour to a fantastic colour. During your consultation your stylist will be thinking about many factors that will achieve our goal these factors include skin tone, covering those little greys, how dark or light your hair will be, the condition your hair is, what it will be after the colour process, affordability and lifestyle. We always promise to be honest about your wishes and never carry out a colour service that we know will be wrong for your hair, this might be due to condition or suitability of skin tone.

Obviously with our knowledge of colour we are able to advise you and offer you alternative suggestions.

If you like something a bit more creative then our fully trained members of staff will gladly talk you through different colour techniques and trends that are out at the moment to help you with your desired look.

We are all feeling the pinch at moment and we are aware cost is a major factor in getting your hair done. We are not one of those salons that push anything on clients that they do not wish and there are no nasty surprises when you pay at the end of your service.

The colours that we use are supplied by WELLA which is well known and trusted brand. There colours are fantastic and always give the best results.

WELLA have also launched a brand new colour chart called ILLUMINA these colours are amazing and have been formulated to give the client extra gloss, which leaves the hair extra shinny and multi tonal.

At PH Hair we have our very own colour master in WELLA to guide you and advice on the many shades and techniques that compliment each other to add colour and shine to your style.